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Obecný úrad Hlavná 201
076 61 Bačkov

Tel.: 056/678 34 51
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Region: Trebišov

Microregion: Sečovce a okolie

First written mention: 1320

Height above sea level: 200 m.n.m.

Numbers of inhabitants: 620

Sufrace of cadaster: 2724 ha


Bačkov is a village located in a hilly area, west of the spurs of the Slánske Vrchy Mountains. Evidence of Slavonic settlement from the 8th and 9th centuries has been found in the land area of the village. The village itself developed from a hamlet beneath the Braničevský Hrad castle. The first written evidence of the village comes from 1320. In the 17th century the village belonged to an important noble family - the Bocskay family, later also to the Rákoczi family. The inhabitants of Bačkov were sorely tried in the past; the most tragic period was during the World War II. The Jewish community was virtually exterminated; the village itself burnt down and the fascists established an internment and concentration camp here. The village today is a mid-sized one. It has about 600 inhabitants. The original agricultural character has been preserved up to the present. Pastoral farming is also thriving. In terms of religion, the inhabitants profess mostly Roman-Catholic and Greek Catholic denomination. Interior paintings of the Greek Catholic church are especially interesting for visitors. Besides the two churches, several smaller sacral buildings complete the character of the village. If it wasn't for the fascist rampage, the manor house from 1750 built on the ruins of the Bačkovský Hrad castle would still be standing. A kindergarten and a primary school have been established in the village and a reeducation centre has its seat here, too. The park located directly in the village offers its inhabitants, as well as visitors, pleasant time among ancient and rare trees and shrubs. The nearby Bačkovská Dolina valley is particularly sought for by tourists. It is located close to the Dargovský Priesmyk pass. Since several rare plant and animal species are found in the area, the valley has been declared a national natural reserve. Apart from the natural beauties, you can also follow the marked tourist trail and visit the ruins of the Braničevský Hrad castle and the Castle lodge. There is a sufficient number of lodging and catering facilities both in the village and around it.



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