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Obecný úrad Falkušovce 179
072 05 Bracovce

Tel.: 059/649 61 01
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Region: Michalovce

Microregion: Poondavie

First written mention: 1290

Height above sea level: 103 m.n.m.

Numbers of inhabitants: 703

Sufrace of cadaster: 985 ha


Falkušovce is a village lying in the central part of the Východoslovenská Nížina lowland, in the river basin of the Ondava River. |t is an archeologically interesting locality, where evidence of late stone age period, the Ottoman, Hallstatt, Dacian and Roman period settlements have been found. The village was probably established in the 13th century at the site of an original 9th century Slavonic settlement by a certain yeoman. The first written evidence of the village comes from 1290. Already at the time of the 1600 census it was an important agricultural settlement with 15 gates. The first place of worship recorded in the village was from the 18th century. Falkušovce has two temples today The Orthodox Cerkev Nanebovstúpenia Pána church is built in the Byzantine style and comes from 1994. The Greek Catholic Cerkev Nanebovstúpenia Pána church is also a historical monument. It has Baroque and Classicistic elements. It was constructed in 1779. A funeral home has been built in the village, which was consecrated and opened in 2003. The local cemetery is about 1 km east from the village centre towards the village of Dúbravka. Traditional folk architecture stands side by side with modern detached houses. There are more than 700 inhabitants in Falkušovce today. They work in agriculture or in industrial and trade companies in Vojany, Strážske and Michalovce. The municipality operates a municipality office and a kindergarten, which are located in the same building. After the reconstruction of the building between 2007 and 2010 the kindergarten meets all the requirements for a modern institution. Social events take place in the local community centre and local inhabitants can also use the village club and library. In terms of sports, football and table tennis are particularly popular. The table tennis club represents the village at sports competitions every year. You can also find many shops and a pub here. The surrounding nature is interesting mainly around the Ondava River. It is distinctive for the colorful variety of plant and animal species, especially birds. One of the bird species living here, stork, also appears in the village coat of arms.



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