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Region of Zemplin
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hrad_jasenov.jpgZemplín is a distinct frontier region, which has always been typical for overlapping and supplementing of different cultures. It borders with Poland, Ukraine, Hungary and in the west with Šariš and Abov regions. The area of Zemplín has been inhabited since prehistory. The fortified settlement Zemplín used to be a very important centre, where a large number of archeological findings have been discovered. Its original name was Zemmen – earth castle. A castle was later built on the foundations of an old Slavonic fortified settlement. Zemplín was incorporated into The Kingdom of Hungary in the 10th century and created one of first Hungarian administrative regions. Since it is a frontier region, visitors can admire many remains of medieval defensive structures. Zemplín is divided into Upper Zemplín, whose area lies in the Prešovský district and Lower Zemplín, situated in the Košice district. The most important economic centers are Michalovce, Vranov nad Topľou and Humenné. trebisov_-_vlastivedne_muzeum.jpgZemplín can proud itself on its high level of culture, especially in the area of folklore. The typical Zemplín vernacular is still spoken here and the delicious Zemplín cuisine has been preserved as well. Particularly valuable cultural monuments in the region are wooden Greek Catholic and Orthodox churches. Zemplín is one of few parts of Slovakia where unspoiled nature has been preserved in several areas. One of Carpathian Mountains arc is located in the north with rich variety of animal species. Vihorlat is a mountain range which attracts the attention of not only volcanologists. In the Southern parts of Zemplín lakes and reservoirs can be found such as Zemplínska Šírava, Domaša or the Vinianske Jazero lake. Especially in summer months, they all become recreational centers of international importance.
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