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Dolly    19 mj 2016 03:11
One of the telltale differences between sociopaths and nonsociopaths is that sociopaths lie when they don't have to, for seilfgfori-icatlon, whereas most of us generally only lie when we "have to", i.e., when our wives ask us if we've had an affair, or somesuch. Such people, who are often called "pathological liars", are almost always sociopaths. For Biden to make up all that stuff about his class standing and degrees, on top of that stuff about his grandfather the coal miner, is more than a little disturbing.

JeromeCap    26 oktber 2015 10:58
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JeromeSr    26 oktber 2015 10:57
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Quintonon    30 mj 2015 08:33
Не that once deceives is ever suspected.

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JohnNaist    29 mj 2015 21:26
Hi. And bye! John
Hi. And bye! John
Hi. And bye! John

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