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Obecný úrad Plechotice
Hlavná 39/70
075 01 Plechotice

Tel.: 056/668 62 60
Fax: 056/668 62 61
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Region: Trebišov

Microregion: Združenie obcí Sečovce a okolie

First written mention: 1324

Height above sea level: 145 m.n.m.

Numbers of inhabitants: 796

Sufrace of cadaster: 1293 ha


Plechotice is a village situated in the western part of the Východoslovenská Nížina lowland. It is located only a few kilometers form the towns of Trebišov and Sečovce. Historical research suggests that the area has been permanently inhabited since the 10th century. The first written evidence confirming the existence of the village comes from 1342. It developed as a yeoman village belonging into the Trebišov estates. The oldest building in the village is the Roman Catholic Kostol Najsvätejšej Trojice church. The building comes from the 18th century. Plechotice is also one of the oldest parishes in the Zemplín region. There is written evidence of the existence of a parsonage in the village in 1330s. Over 800 inhabitants live here today. There is a gas distribution system in the village and the construction of a public water distribution system is being completed. Many modern houses and apartment blocks have been built in the village in the last decades. Healthcare services are also available here. Local primary school and kindergarten continue in the tradition of Church education, which begun in the 18th century. A community theater as a cultural body is an inseparable part of every larger village. However, in Plechotice the undoubtedly substantial cultural and educational role has not only been preserved, but also developed. The Ochotnícke Divadlo Janka Borodáča community theatre has been active in the village since 1928. It has represented the village of Plechotice even on the national level. Football is the most notable sport in the village. It is played by adults as well as the youth in an organized form. The village also has good conditions for the development of other popular sports. In addition to the football pitch, a multipurpose asphalt playing field can be found here.



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